Lithium-Ion Batteries Latest Updates

Commodity price trends

As the most important commodity in li-ion battery industry, Lithium carbonate prices in China moved sideways at 477,500 yuan/tonne in the second half of June, remaining near the record-high of 500,000 from March amid industry incentives in the EV sector and low supply levels. Carbonate prices remain over 430% higher year-on-year, as the metal's supply struggles to meet surging demand for goods with lithium batteries. Early estimates from the Shanghai Metals Market pointed to a 17% monthly demand increase from battery manufacturers in June, as Chinese industries ramp up capacity, while lithium carbonate production levels were similar to those seen in May.

Although they have a huge jump in price in 2021, other metals such as Cobalt, Manganese, Nickel, etc. are trading at the same price of beginning of 2022.